I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Noelle, I am a mix of European/Armenian ancestry, born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


I am very sensual and erotic by nature; I value true connections and have a lust for learning about people, and what makes them tick intellectually and intimately. I seem to inadvertently turn heads my way, which you will understand why pretty quickly.  It must be my sultry, exotic look paired with a sassy, yet dry sense of humour. I absolutely love to laugh and cuddle, am very fun-loving and can also be quite dorky. I can fit into any situation that I am thrown into, I adapt well to various different people, places and personalities. I mesh well with pretty much anyone. Although my looks are what captures the attention of many, it is really my inner beauty that shines through once you meet me. I have a huge heart, am very caring and loving and have been described as genuine and real. I don't discriminate, judge or get offended easily.


My love for fashion and high-end designer items do not overshadow my adoration for deep conversations over a variety of different topics. Not just a pretty face, I am educated, energetic and captivating to converse with. You may find yourself getting lost in my dark, mysterious eyes. I have an edge to me, that will linger in your thoughts well after our rendezvous. I am that perfect blend of naughty and sweet, the girlfriend you have been longing for since you were in high school. Please enjoy perusing my site and again thank you for taking the time to do so.


Looking forward to connecting with you,


Noelle xox companion